an|oth|er [ ə`nʌðər ] function word ***
Another can be used in the following ways:
as a determiner (followed by a singular countable noun):
Can I have another glass of water, please?
as a pronoun (without a following noun):
We're changing from one system to another. (followed by of ):
I have another of his books somewhere.
1. ) one more person or thing of the same type as before:
There's another news show at ten o'clock.
Peter's mom is expecting another baby in June.
These sandwiches are delicious. Would you like another?
another of: I hope this isn't another of Donald's stupid tricks.
another one: We're doing a big concert tomorrow night and another one on Saturday.
yet another (=used when there are already a lot): The administration is involved in yet another corruption scandal.
a ) another two/ten/hundred etc. used for saying how many more people or things there are:
Another 200 nurses are needed in local hospitals.
b ) (and) another thing SPOKEN used for introducing an additional subject that you want to mention when you are annoyed about something or when someone has done something that you do not like:
And another thing what about that $10 you borrowed from me?
c ) not another SPOKEN used when something annoying or boring that has happened several times before is starting to happen again:
Oh no, not another planning meeting!
2. ) a different person or thing of the same type:
Isn't there another word that has the same meaning?
Fatima's husband was working in another part of the country.
another (one) of: I lent the book to my teacher, and he lent it to another one of his students.
3. ) used with the name of a person, place, or event to mean someone or something else that has similar qualities:
Music fans are already calling him another Frank Sinatra.
There were fears that the war in Bosnia might become another Vietnam.
another time SPOKEN
used for saying that something cannot be done now but can be done at a future time:
Do you want to join me for lunch? Another time, Nick, I'm really busy right now.

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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